Bali Travel Guide

The best time to visit Bali is between May to August for optimal tropical conditions.ropical weather with temperatures averaging 27 °C and endless opportunities for adventure.

You can hire a car in Bali. We recomend travellers to hire a car with driver in Bali, because of trafiic conditions some times are uncomfortable. Drivers wishing to hire a car will also require an international drivers’ licence.

Tipping in Bali is appreciated but not necessary. However, sometimes more up market restaurants will add between 15% and 20% to the bill to cover the 10% government tax.

We provide bookings only online or by telephone. It is recommended you pre-book your service to avoid disappointment as many of the tours and products are popular and can be sold out early. If you wish to wait and book from us at the destination, you may call us at that time, but some services will not be available.

A complete description of each tour, activity, or service is provided on the web site. We have no additional information, but you are certainly welcome to email with additional questions after you review this FAQ.

If you have a group of 20 or more, please send an email to contact us. Or fill out the form shown below. Provide the name of the tour, date, number of adults, number of children, and any additional information.

Many of our services include hotel pick-ups. When available, hotel pick-ups are almost always available from the major tourist areas in each town.

Fill out the form below if there is anything wants to know.

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